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Satinderjit -klariti

Satinderjit Singh Bains

My company i.e. Legit Expressions Pvt Ltd is a proud client of Klariti TaxCorp LLP and convinced by their professional commitment and delivery of services. I have always found solution to my Tax problems from Klariti TaxCorp LLP. Our company is extremely satisfied with their services.

Proprietor / Apex Traders

Ashish Singh

I am delighted to have worked with Klariti TaxCorp LLP for availing Credit Limits and Business Loan for my International Import-Export venture. Having little past experience, Klariti TaxCorp presented my case to lenders in such a manner that I was provided with optimum Working Capital and Business Loan to pursue my dreams. Highly Recommended for their Professionalism, Turn-Around-Time and Friendly Approach to Business Entrepreneurs.

Bridging Asia

At, V/s Bridging Asia, we are providing specialised "Infrastructure Consulting Services" for various projects like Housing, Roads, Transmission Projects etc.Previously, we used to face operational accounting challenges e.g. integration of our corporate and on-site accounts and finance data. We are happy to have chosen the Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audit Services of Data Integration has not only allowed us to focus more on our core service offerings i.e. Infrastructure Consulting but has also empowered us to take informed decisions about capital leakages, wasteful expenditures, fiscal planning etc.

Managing Director

Gautam Chaudhary

I Gautam Chaudhary, have been a senior journalist and editor of some of the leading newspapers anc magazines in India. After 15 years of work experience at various levels as a Journalist/Vedia Professional across India, I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own venture i.e. which is a news and views portal in Hindi Language.However at that time i.e. December 2016 when I started, I had little idea as to how to start my own business (like Documents Required, Tax Registrations, Approvals etc). Experts at Klariti TaxCorp not only helped me in starting my own enterprise, but also went a step ahead in getting me all licenses, taxation documentation, required trademark registrations and bank account for the New StartUp.

CEO / HydraNT Industries Private Limited

Manmeet Kaur Bedi

Klariti Taxcorp LLP, are a team of very proactive and professional gentlemen.Firstly when it comes to dealing with finances everyone wants a trustworthy team who is updated with the latest financial and economic developments also. The team of Klariti is also expected to keep the information secret like the banks do. Klariti deal with very sensitive information which has to be dealt with extreme professionalism and at the same time transparent.`Klariti' has fared really well when it came to all of the above be it corporate finances or personal finance matters.Needless to say the team have been very supportive when it comes to executing our financial matters, advisory matters, consultations in writing and verbal and meetings with their team. We share a family rapport with the entire team. We wish them the very best in all their assignments.

MD and CEO

Jaskaran Singh Dhaliwal

I am glad to share and put up this testimonial for Klariti Taxcorp LLP.Anyone who is looking for. a professional team for handling their accounts, finance advisory or consultation, Klariti Taxcorp LLP is the answer. They have been the best team in the tri city who is adept at the latest financial scenarios. The team is a bunch of trustworthy gentlemen who are always ready and proactive to offer consultancy with taking utmost care for the information and facts of our companies.The team 'Klariti' is always at the service of the clients and each one of them is personally available in times when needed most. We have been dealing with this firm for more than 5 years and are really glad that we have been doing so.We wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

Founder / Business Thrust Pte Ltd,

Ankush Rana

My name is Ankush Rana and I am based in Singapore. A couple of years back, I was very busy in scaling up my business in Singapore. Thus had very little time for Tax Compliance matters. It was also complicated for me to know all the rules and thereby manage paying my taxes on time, due to different following of financial years in different countries (India and Singapore). Then I came in contact with Klariti TaxCorp LLP, through a friends referral. Since then I have always kept my taxation compliance up-to-date. The Taxation Team at Klariti TaxCorp has further helped me to get maximum rebate in paying taxes. Neither I have to remember my dates of paying taxes nor I have to take any tension of changes in rules of paying taxes as Klariti TaxCorp are highly proactive in their approach.